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2002 Preseason Bowl Projections

December 17
New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
Sun Belt #1 vs CUSA
Middle Tennesee vs Cincinnati
December 18
Mobile, AL
CUSA #2 vs MAC
Marshall vs Southern Miss
December 23
Orlando, FL
ACC #4 vs Big XII #5/6/7
Wake Forest vs Kanas State
December 25
Las Vegas
Las Veags, NV
MWC #2 vs PAC 10
December 25
Honolulu, HI
East Carolina vs Hawaii
December 26
Motor City
Detroit, MI
MAC #1/2 vs TBD
Bowling Green vs BYU
December 26
Phoenix, AZ
Big East #3/ND vs PAC 10
Boston College vs Southern Cal
December 27
Houston, TX
CUSA vs Big XII #5/6/7
Memphis vs Iowa State
December 27
Shreveport, LA
Big XII #5/6/7 vs SEC
Arkansas vs Texas Tech
December 27
San Diego, CA
PAC 10 #2 vs Big XII #3
Washington vs Nebraska
December 28
San Antonio, TX
Big Ten #4 vs Big XII #4
Illinois vs Texas A&M
December 28
Queen City
Charlotte, NC
Big East vs ACC
Pittsburgh vs Georgia Tech
December 30
Seattle, WA
MWC #4 vs ACC #6
New Mexico vs Clemson
December 30
Music City
Nashville, TN
Big Ten vs SEC
Purdue vs Auburn
December 31
Boise, ID
WAC vs At-Large
Boise State vs Iowa
December 31
El Paso, TX
Big Ten #5 vs PAC 10 #3
Penn State vs Oregon
December 31
Silicon Valley
San Jose, CA
WAC vs At-Large
LA Tech vs Mississippi St
December 31
Memphis, TN
CUSA #1 vs MWC #1
Louisville vs Utah
December 31
Atlanta, GA
Maryland vs Mississippi
December 31
San Francisco
San Francisco, CA
MWC vs Big East
Colorado State vs Notre Dame
January 1
Tampa, FL
Big Ten #3 vs SEC
Michigan vs Florida
January 1
Dallas, TX
Big XII #2 vs SEC/ND/Big East
Texas vs LSU
January 1
Jacksonville, FL
Big East #2/ND vs ACC #2
Virginia Tech vs NC State
January 1
Orlando, FL
Big Ten #2 vs SEC
Michigan St vs South Carolina
January 1
Pasadena, CA
Big Ten vs PAC 10
Washington St vs Colorado
January 1
New Orleans, LA
Georgia vs Ohio State
January 2
Miami, FL
Florida State vs Tennessee
January 3
Tempe, AZ
BCS #1 vs BCS #2
Oklahoma vs Miami

A few notes on the bowl projections....
The Rose Bowl normally matches the Big Ten champion versus the PAC 10 champion unless it’s the year for the National Championship Game to be hosted in Pasadena. Although that game was held there last season, I don’t think it will be a PAC 10/Big Ten matchup this season. Why? I projected that Washington State would win the PAC 10, and Ohio State would win the Big Ten, setting up a WSU/OSU Rose Bowl game. But these teams meet each other in Columbus in September. Since I doubt the Rose Bowl would want a rematch of a game from just a few months ago, I moved Ohio State to the Sugar Bowl, where they were geographically closer than WSU. Colorado took the Buckeye’s spot in the Rose Bowl since they were the next closest team geographically to Pasadena. What would happen if this scenario actually happened? I have no idea.
Although Auburn would probably have gotten the Peach Bowl bid ahead of Mississippi, the Rebels took that slot because Auburn played North Carolina in Atlanta last year.
Cincinnati should probably be in a better bowl game, most likely the game in Hawaii. But since I am projecting Hawaii to play in the bowl game in their home state, Cincy could not play there since the two teams are playing each other in November.
Some may wonder why Texas Tech was not projected to go the bowl in Houston in their home state. I originally projected the Red Raiders to do just that but since Iowa State played Alabama in the Independence Bowl last season, I moved ISU to the Houston bowl and Texas Tech to Shreveport.
When all of the conference tie-ins were filled, there were four spots left in the twenty-eight bowl games. The Big East slot in the San Francisco Bowl was not able to be filled, leaving an empty spot. The Motor City Bowl also has a TBD slot. The last two empty slots are the At-Large positions in the Humanitarian and Silicon Valley bowls. I picked thirteen teams that I thought would have a chance to contend for those four spots because they have winning records: North Texas, Notre Dame, BYU, Fresno State, TCU, UCF, Miami (OH), Kent State, Northern Illinois, Ball State, Iowa, Arizona, and Mississippi State. Immediately, I crossed these six teams out on my list: North Texas, UCF, Miami (OH), Kent State, Northern Illinois, and Ball State. Notre Dame, BYU, Fresno State, TCU, Iowa, Arizona, and Mississippi State now each had better than a 50% chance at going bowling. The final spots went to Notre Dame (because they’re ND and will likely be selected if at all possible), BYU (because the Cougars have a fairly tough OOC schedule and are predicted to finish above .500 in the Mountain West), Mississippi State (because the Bulldogs are an SEC member which automatically gives them an edge over the likes of ECU and TCU), and Iowa (because the Hawkeyes are projected to win seven games and finish .500 in the Big Ten).

Preseason Bowl Projections by Jonathan.
Southern College Sports