“2002The SouthernCollegeSports.com College Football Pick ‘Em Contest is beginning its second season this fall. Last year, over 40 people signed up to play. You can view some info from last year's contest by scrolling down on the left column of the front page. The contest this year will be very similar to the one we had last season. Particpants pick the winner of each of twenty games every weekend. Jonathan will pick the top 20 matchups in college football each week, usually one and possibly two mid-week games and 18-19 Saturday contests. Conference championship games and bowl contests are also picked which brings the total number of games picked to around 300 by season’s end. One problem with last year’s contest was that people signed up but then either never picked or quit by the middle of the season, making the contest less competitive and less fun for everyone involved. There are no requirements to play, except that by sending me their form, each participant promised me that they would send their picks in each and every week, therefore keeping the contest fun and competitive for everyone. There is a “Pick ‘Em Particpant Profile Page” where I listed the contestants' name, age, state they live in, and favorite college team to let everyone know who they’re competing against. Most of the time, I will post the new and updated standings on Sunday evening as well as the 20 games to pick for the coming week. Since we’ll often pick the Thursday night game, picks will almost always be due by Wednesday night, giving everyone approximately three full days to submit their picks. There are no prizes for the champion (unless someone wants to offer one), and the contets is just for fun. There is also no entry fee, other than I ask that you pass along the address of this site (SouthernCollegeSports.com) to all your friends. I want to thank you for taking time to check out the site.