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"LSU Deserves a Shot"

By: Timothy Columnist
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Timo's Weekly Memo The third new member of the staff is Timothy. His column, Timo's Weekly Memo, will appear weekly. This inaugural edition takes a look at the LSU Tigers and their potential to make the 2003 Sugar Bowl in new Orleans.

[ Updated November 26 ]

LSU TigersWith just a couple weeks left in the regular season it is guaranteed Oklahoma will be playing for the National Title in the Nokia Sugar Bowl. So the question is who will they be playing? Right now it looks like two teams have the inside track, LSU and USC. USC by far is receiving the most national attention, partially I believe because of their rich heritage. Let me say this though, LSU is clearly the better team.

LSU is not getting the national attention that they deserve. I mean all they have done this season is beat Auburn, Alabama, Ole Miss, and Georgia. Not to mention they have beat everyone else in the SEC they have played with the exception of the slip up against Florida.

LSU Defense - courtesy
LSU Tiger Defense
LSU has arguably the nation's toughest defense.
Now granted USC has had wins over Auburn, Washington, and Washington St., but Auburn was highly overrated at the time and it was their first game of the season. Since then, though, Auburn has improved. I believe most people would agree that the SEC is clearly better than the PAC-10, which could be the weakest BCS conference.

The only thing LSU has going against them is that they must play one extra game, which is the SEC Championship game. Since the BCS counts this game it is a disadvantage for LSU since it will be against Florida, Tennessee, or Georgia. So if LSU wins out I think it would be hard to keep them from playing in the Sugar Bowl…But then again, us humans have no control; it up to the computers, and that is a shame.


  • It appears likely that after one year of coaching at the University of Louisville, Head Coach Bobby Petrino will be leaving to take over the head coaching position at Auburn.
  • University of South Carolina Head Coach Lou Holtz has received a one-year contract extension last week. The very next game his Gamecocks were destroyed by the Clemson Tigers 63-17.
  • Switching gears to basketball…after watching Kansas man handle Michigan State Tuesday night, Kansas has some serious athletes and will be tough to beat this year.