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 Fifteen Who Signed It?
[ Sixteen ]

By: Jonathan Editor
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Who Signed It? The Object: To guess whose signature is on the index card below. Use the clues provided to assist you in this task.

The Clues: This player....
     (1) is from Philadelphia, PA
     (2) started 19 games as a freshman, 15 of which his team won
     (3) led his team with 80 dunks and started all 35 games at power forward, averaging 15 PPG, as a sophomore
     (4) made his team's biggest play of the 2002-2003 season, blocking a Kansas 3-point attempt with only 1.5 seconds left to seal the national title
     (5) was named the Big East's Most Improved Player following his sophomore season
     (6) is averaging almost 20 PPG this season, his junior year
Who Signed It?

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