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 November 26 Timo's Weekly Memo
"Which Mid-Majors Have Got What It Takes Come March?"

By: Timothy Columnist
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Timo's Weekly Memo There are always a couple of the mid-majors that step it up come NCAA Tournament time. Who are the best candidates to do that this season? Timo provides some insight into that question with this week's Memo....

[ Updated February 12 ]

Gonzaga? Utah State? Southern Illinois? Kent State? Creighton? Murray State? Whoís got the firepower for this March?

There are several mid-majors out there that could possibly make a run in the Tourney this year, but who is it going to be? Or maybe the better question is, who isnít it going to be?


Murray State
Murray State guard Adam Chiles - courtesy
Murray State guard Adam Chiles
Chiles is averaging 11 points and 5 assists a game for the Racers.
Murray State - They havenít upset the major teams they have played this year (Louisville, Pittsburgh), but they have had wins over TCU, Southern Miss, Western Kentucky, and Southern Illinois. If they are going to win, itís going to be behind UK transfer Adam Chiles. Chiles is averaging a little less than 11 points and 5 assists a game. He had a double-double against Southern Miss with 11 assists and 13 points. Their lone big man, Andi Hornig who stands at 7 feet, has been ineffective this year, averaging only 2.4 rebounds a game.

Kent StateKent State - Center John Edwards is getting it done for this team. 13 points and 6 rebounds a game, this guy is a warrior. Unlike many of the mid-major teams, Kent State has got a big man that could come in handy in March. The toughest team they have played so far is Boston College, and they lost to them by 4. As a team, though, they are averaging over 40% behind the 3-point line, plus, with John Edwards on the inside, this team is dangerous.

GonzagaGonzaga - Iíve been on record saying that Gonzaga is not for real, but for now, they have a shot to make some noise. Wins over Missouri and Maryland and losses to the only two undefeated teams in the country, St. Joe's and Stanford. This team can get it done on the inside and on the outside, which could benefit them. Four players are averaging over 10 points a game, and like Kent State, they are shooting over 40% behind the arc. They shouldnít stumble from here on out with no real tough competition.


Southern IllinoisSouthern Illinois- Losses to Charlotte and Murray State and no impressive wins in my opinion. They have an outstanding point guard in Darren Brooks who is averaging over 16 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 assists a game. Ultimately, the Salukis downfall will be their lack of experience in big games this year.

CreightonCreighton - More than likely it will be either SIU or Creighton coming out of the Missouri Valley Conference, however I donít think either has got what it takes. A cupcake schedule and a loss to Northern Illinois will not impress the selection committee. This team does shoot a decent number from 3-land and could be dangerous, but they have shown me nothing so far this season.

Utah State Utah State - This team is maybe the least impressive of all even with a 19-1 record. About their only tough opponent, Utah, was a loss too. What might carry them is their experience. Everyone on the team is a junior or senior except for two sophomores. One and done for this team in March.