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 November 26 Timo's Weekly Memo
"Who's the Real Number One?"

By: Timothy Columnist
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Timo's Weekly Memo Here we are, already starting college basketball conference play, but no team has separated themselves from the pack as the nation's number one team....

[ Updated January 9 ]

You could make a case for any number of teams being the nation's best:

The current number one team, Connecticut, has only one loss to another possible number one team, Georgia Tech. What Connecticut lacks, in my opinion, is a quality win, but they will be tested in coming weeks against Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Pittsburgh.

For our next team of discussion, we have Duke. Duke too has only one loss, that coming to Purdue. Unlike Connecticut, though, they have impressive wins over Texas and Michigan State.

The current number three team, Arizona, is 9-1 (2-0) with an early loss to Florida by one point. Arizona has quality wins over Texas and Marquette. Arizona has a soft schedule up ahead: the only other team in the top 25 the face is Stanford, and thatís this Saturday.

Speaking of Stanford, contrary to our first three teams, Stanford is undefeated. Kansas and Gonzaga are on their resume of quality wins, and they will be challenged once again when they had to Tucson to take on Arizona this Saturday.

How about Wake Forest? After losing Josh Howard to the NBA, nobody thought that they would be undefeated right now. Granted they donít play the toughest schedule, but they do have wins over Memphis and North Carolina.

Kentucky is still a mystery team to me. Before the Louisville game, I thought they could be the best team in the country. Even after they lost to Louisville, I still felt they were an excellent team, but since then I have had to re-think myself. They have given a lack luster effort against both Austin Peay and North Carolina. They still have potential, though, if they can get back to their old ways.

Oklahoma forward DeAngelo Alexander - courtesy
Oklahoma forward DeAngelo Alexander
Oklahoma could be the new number one team if the can beat Connecticut and Oklahoma State in the coming week.
Oklahoma isnít getting the kind of attention they should be right now. This team is hardcore; they can win when the game has a run-and-shoot type feel to it or if itís a half court game. They have beaten Michigan State and Purdue, and I feel if they beat Connecticut and Oklahoma State in the coming week, they could be a clear-cut number one team.

Georgia Tech was my previous number one team until they had that double-overtime loss to their in-state rivals Georgia. They are still an excellent ball club with wins over Connecticut and Texas Tech. They have another test this Sunday in Chapel Hill.

If it wasnít for an early overtime loss to Iowa, Louisville just might be your number one team right now. Since then though, Louisville has beaten three teams in the RPI top 25 (Florida, Kentucky, and Seton Hall). Louisville has the ability to run the table in C-USA and could wind up as a number one seed come March.

So we have looked at nine teams that could make the argument that theyíre the number one team right now. And we didnít even mention Saint Josephís, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, dare I say undefeated Vanderbilt, and there is a host of two loss teams we could go through.

As of now my number one team is Oklahoma, but it's all a guess right now. If Oklahoma can defeat Connecticut and Oklahoma State, they should shoot to the top spot in the polls. Thus, for right now, we will have to wait a while longer to see who is number one.


  • My final bowl prediction record was a dismal 14-14. I donít want to talk about it!
  • I was 2-2 in my NFL playoff predictions. This week the Panthers will lose to the Rams, the Titans will lose to the Patriots, the Colts will lost to the Chiefs, and the Eagles will lose to the Packers.
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