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"The Stupidity of the BCS"

By: Taylor Columnist
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Time-Out with Taylor Taylor is one of the three new columnists joining His weekly feature, titled Time-Out with Taylor, will begin this week. Though he will cover a wide range of topics, the first edition focuses on his opinion of today's current BCS system.

[ Updated November 25 ]

This past weekend, the BCS was once again saved from having a huge egg on its face when Michigan beat Ohio State. Had it gone the other way around, what I perceive as a travesty would have occurred. Ohio State would have gone to the national championship game ahead of Southern Cal. The reason they would have gone? Computers. Those things that make our everyday lives so much easier only make college football so much more complicated. These computers had TCU ranked at #3 in one poll before they lost last week, ahead of USC. TCU is also a matter that concerns the stupidity of the BCS -- but we'll deal with that later.

USC WR Mike Williams - courtesy
USC WR Mike Williams
The Trojans are currently ranked 2nd in the BCS.
With Michigan beating Ohio State, it is virtually ensured that the two best teams will play each other in the Nokia Sugar Bowl in January. My, how things could have been different. Ohio State, with a win, would have gone on the championship game because of a few decimal points from computer polls. While USC has been demolishing opponents with an average margin of victory of over 27 points, Ohio State has been squeaking by almost every single game. Three years ago, the BCS gods decided to take out margin of victory as a formula in their BCS equation. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.

Instead of margin of victory, the current BCS equation relies more heavily on those computer polls put out by the likes of the NY Times. ( I hope they cover football more accurately than they did the Iraq War.) But anyway, these computer rankings are inherently flawed. The only thing they could agree on was that Oklahoma was #1; after that it was all chaos. Off the field it appeared OSU had the advantage. On the field, it would not have even been close. Ohio State would have about as much chance of beating USC as Mississippi State does of beating Ole Miss this Thursday. You know that's not much of a chance if you've been following MSU this year.

TCU RB Robert Merrill - courtesy
TCU RB Robert Merrill
Does he belong with the likes of USC, or even OSU?
Another BCS nightmare was averted when Southern Mississippi beat TCU last Thursday night. The idea was being tossed around and generally accepted that if TCU had won that game, they would be going to a BCS game. This is pure nonsense. TCU had one of the weakest schedules in the nation, and their only wins against BCS conference schools were against the powerhouse Vanderbilt and Arizona football programs. They had to go to overtime just to win one of those. What gave them the right to be contending for a $13 million dollar BCS payout? Once again, your guess is as good as mine. They did not "deserve" it just because they went undefeated. They did not earn it by their efforts on the football field against C-USA competition. TCU belongs in Mobile in late December, and thankfully that's where they're going.

Of course, the simple solution to all of this is to have a 16 team playoff system: six conference champions and ten at-large spots. This solution is apparently too simple for the bigheads that control college football. You give all the top notch teams a chance to win with a playoff system. Teams that are on a roll like LSU and Michigan will have a chance to stay on that roll and win a national championship instead of settling for a top 5 final ranking. You can even throw in teams like TCU if you are so-inclined. If you want to keep the bowl system intact, you can have the first round games as minor bowls like the Independence, Las Vegas, Peach etc. Then, in the second round you can have the major bowls like the Cotton, Outback, Gator, and Citrus. In the Final Four and Championship you can have 3 of the BCS Bowls. But of course I doubt the suits will ever think clearly enough to come to this conclusion.