College Football Pick ‘Em Contest Info

This is a copy of the letter I sent to everyone who has already signed up. If you have any suggestions, please be sure to email me.


I wanted to thank you again for playing in the 2001 College Football Pick ‘Em Contest on Jonathan’s College Sports Website. I was just going to take a few minutes and tell you how I was going to run the contest this year. As of right now (about 9:00 on 8/12), we have 29 people signed up to participate. My goal was to have 25 by the beginning of the contest. Any more than is awesome!

The contest will start the weekend of August 25, the weekend the preseason classics are played. We’ll pick all of the games that weekend (I believe that there are 7). One of those games is a Thursday game, 5 are Saturday games, and the last game is a Sunday game. After that, from the weekend of September 1 until the weekend of November 24, we’ll pick 20 games per week. On the weekend of December 1, I believe that there are just about 2 or 3 games, and we’ll pick each of those. The next weekend will be the conference championship game weekend, and we’ll also pick each of those games. This season there will be 25 bowl games, beginning on December 18 and ending on January 3. By my math, that would mean we would be picking around 300 football games this season.

We will never pick Tuesday night games. On weeks in which we pick a Thursday night game, the picks will be due by 5:00pm CT on Thursday evening. My email address is, and there are tons of links to my email on the site. That is how you will submit your picks each week. On weeks when we pick only Friday and Saturday or just Saturday games, the picks will be due by 5:00pm CT on Friday evening.

The key to winning the first annual ‘Jonathan’s College Sports Website Football Pick ‘Em Contest’ will be to play, and win, each and every week of the season. The winning percentage will not count. The total number of wins will decide the champion this season. I will send everyone a notice of when the standings are updated each week (this will probably be on Sunday). I’ll send you a list of the games for the upcoming week on Sunday or Monday when I send you the notice that the new standings have been posted. This will give everyone 3-4 days to think about and make their picks.

I will accept new players at any time in the season, but anyone beginning after the week of the 25th will have an obvious disadvantage. Any picks mailed later than the time (which I will attempt to remind you of every week) will be disregarded, and that person will not get any wins or losses for that week. I want to remind everyone that picks are due by 5:00 of that day central time! I also want everyone to go to the site when you get a chance and make sure your name is on the list of people signed up. If you want to change your nickname for scoring, just let me know.

If you have any other questions, you can let me know my emailing me. Thanks again for playing, and I hope everyone has a safe, fun, exciting college football season.