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NCAA Basketball Tournament Info

Below is a list of four different ways I have researched the NCAA Basketball Tournamentís results over the past 12 years. Each shows the trends of the teams and/or seeds and how they have fared in the Tournament since 1990. Click on the title of each to see that particular chart. A brief description follows each chart.

FIRST ROUND MATCHUPS BY SEED NUMBER   This chart shows the results of first round matchups by the seed numbers since 1990. This chart lists the number of the seed who won each of the 8 different first round matchups (1 vs 16, 2 vs 15, 3 vs 14, etc.) in each of the regions (West, Midwest, East, South). At the bottom of the chart is the number of upsets the occurred in each of the different matchups (An upset was defined a a higher seed, like 9, beating the lower seed, like 8, and so on.). The chart also includes the percentage of times that upset has occurred since 1990.

SEED ADVANCEMENT INTO EACH ROUND   This chart is separated by year, from 1990 to 2001. Each year, this chart shows the seed numbers that went out in the first round (1st row), the seeds that made it to the Sweet 16 (2nd row), to the Elite Eight (3rd row), to the Final Four (4th row), to the championship game (5th row), and the national champion (6th row). On the right side of the first row (the row consisting of the seeds that went out in the first round) is the total number of the seeds that were eliminated and also the average number of those seeds. The Sweet 16 round also has the total number of the seeds that made it to the Sweet 16, with the average of those seeds as well.

ADVANCEMENT OF SEEDS BY REGIONS   This chart shows the progress of each seed number in each of the four regions by year (1990-2001). On the chart, the following symbols mean the indicated progress: X=out first round....32=won one game....16=Sweet 16 (2 wins)....8=Elite 8 (3 wins)....4=Final Four (4 wins)....2=Natíl Championship Game....1=National Champion.

TEAM BY TEAM TOURNEY PROGRESS   This chart shows the progress of over 220 teams, from Alabama to Xavier, since 1990. The number preceding the teamís info is the seed number the team was that particular year. In this chart, the following symbols mean the indicated progress: (Blank square)=Did not participate in Tournament that year....L=lost in first round....W1=won one game....Sweet16=made it to the Sweet 16....etc. The rest of the symbols are self-explanatory.

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