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NCAA Basketball Tournament
Winners in Each Round by Seed Number

The chart below shows how the teams in the NCAA Basketball Tournament have advanced according to their seed number over the past twelve years (since 1990). The results are shown by year in the charts below. On the first row of each chart, the seed number of each team that was eliminated is listed. On the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rows, the seed numbers which advanced to that round are listed. For example, there are 16 teams listed on row two because row two is the Sweet 16 row (so obviously 16 teams advanced to the Sweet 16). On row three, there are half as many as row two because half of the teams were eliminated while the other half advanced to the Elite Eight. So, for example, if there are three #4 seeds listed on row two (the Sweet 16 round) and on the third row there are zero #4 seeds listed, then all three of the remaining #4 seeds were eliminated in the round of 16 teams.

Following the seeds of the teams in both the First Round and Sweet 16 rows are two numbers. The first number shows the total of all of the seeds in that round. The second number shows the average seed of a team in that round that particular year. In the years which have higher numbers in both columns, there were likely more upsets than other years. This is known because higher seeds (the underdogs) advanced, which in turn made these numbers go up.


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