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June 20, 2001

Congrats to the ĎCanes

The Miami Hurricanes have been crowned College Baseballís National Champion for the second time in three years. They played wonderfully throughout the tournament, coming from behind to beat Tennessee and then knocking off Stanford easily in the championship game. Lead by Charlton Jimerson and Javy Rodriguez, the Hurricanes proved once again the baseball in the south is better than that played on the west coast. The hometown favorite Nebraska played two one-run games in Omaha, but they lost each of them and took an early exit home. The Nebraska-CS-Fullerton game on Friday was exciting to watch. Komine, the ace pitcher for the Huskers, was wonderful and there was lead change after lead change.

There were also several football-like scores in Omaha. When that wind begins to blow out at Rosenblatt, as it often does, games can turn into homerun derbies very quickly. The Miami-Tennessee contest that ended in a 21-13 score sounded more like the score of a possible game in early January of 2002 played in Pasadena (the college football national championship game). This was a better game than the score indicates, though, as the Vols repeatedly came from eight-run deficits to make it a game. And yet they still lost by a TD and 2-point conversion, er, 8 runs. But in the end, the most consistent team won, and the Hurricanes have a lot to look forward to in the years to come.

That Friday night Football Debate

Iím sure youíve heard by now the debate over Friday night college football. The presidents and athletic directors of certain universities believe that this is a great time to get national exposure and be the only game on TV. High school officials and others say that college football is invading the territory they have owned for years.

So my question is this: 1) Are you a high school football fan that goes to see your team play most Friday nights? If you answered yes to this, then keep going. Just because thereís a college game on that night doesnít mean you canít go. Itís not stopping you. So no problem there. Or 2) Are you a college football fan that doesnít care much about high school football? If you answered yes, then thereís still no problem. You never like HS football anyway, and now you have a game to go to on an occasional Friday night, and you still get to catch the other games from around the country on Saturday afternoon. No problem there, either. It doesnít matter when the college teams play. Theyíve got just about every day covered now. Youíve got Sunday NFL, Monday night NFL, Tuesday night NCAA, Wednesday off day, Thursday NCAA, Friday NCAA, and Saturday NCAA. This should be a football fanís dream. So why are so many people complaining? Iím not, and I donít think you should be either. Just sit back and enjoy. And by the way, college football is still better than pro is, no matter how much heat it takes in situations like these.

Looking Ahead

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