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Weekly Football Info
Use the links below for all the info you'll need on each coming weekend of college football. On Sunday, the updated Pick 'Em Standings will be added, and the games to pick for the coming week will be posted. On Monday, an updated Top 25 Poll will be added as will the 'Top Stuff' from the past weekend. Tuesday will bring the full schedule of Division I games as well as the TV schedule for the weekend, now just a few days away. With Wednesday will come a preview of the top games on the national scene in the weekend to come. Finally, on Thursday, all of the Pick 'Em Contestants' picks will be added as will Jonathan's predictions on every D-I game for the weekend.

Top 25 | Top Stuff
Complete D-I Schedule | TV Schedule
Game of the Week | Complete D-I Predictions

College Football Pick 'Em Contest
Week One of's College Football Pick 'Em Contest kicks off this week. Contestants will pick the winner of each of the coming weekend's 20 biggest matchups. The updated standings following pick in the Preseason Week have been added. Picks will be due by Wednesday evening at 10:00pm CT. Click below to read all the info on the contest.

Player Profile Page | Contestants' Picks
Standings | Contest Info | Games to Pick

College Football PreviewThe 2002 Southern College Sports College Football Previews are finally complete! We are less than a week away from the first college football game of the year! An information page with a description of what each preview is like is below. You can use the links below or in the left bar to explore the previews throughout the season. Check back each and every day throughout the season for all kinds of college football info!
Preview Schedule | Preview Info
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Q & A with Jonathan | Conference Rankings
Must-See Games | Preseason Bowl Projections
All-America Teams
Preseason Rankings: 31-60 | 11-30 | 1-10

All-America Teams
The nation's best players are awarded each year with different honors. Here's a look at who thinks will be the king of the mountain when the 2002 season is complete. These are the best of the best at each position from all across America. Every player on these teams is poised to have a great 2002 campaign and will likely be one of the leaders on his team.
All-America Teams

Preseason Bowl Projections
The bowl game total is up to 28 this season, which means 56 college football teams will go bowling. That is nearly half (48%) of the 117 Division I college football teams that will compete this fall. And so even though we're still a few weeks away from the first game of the year, here's a look at who thinks will go bowling and where they'll do so when the bowling season arrives in December and continues through the first week of January.
Preseason Bowl Projections

Must-See Games
Throughout the college football season, there will be many matchups that have a huge impact on the college football world. Here are the top 100+ matchups this year that you won't want to miss. These games will have the largest impact on both the conference races and race for the national title. Also included is an ultimate schedule, a game for each week of the season that will have the most riding on it. If I could go one game each weekend, these are the games I would go to.
Must-See Games

Q & A with
This preseason question and answer session focuses on some of the biggest issues we see heading into this season. Who are the top five Heisman candidates? How bad are teams like Baylor, Duke, Navy, etc.? Will the state of Florida be represented in the Fiesta Bowl? Which conference is the most competitive from top to bottom? Who are the teams who could jump up and surprise some opponents this season? These questions and many more are answered in this preview.
Q & A with Jonathan

Toughest Non-Conference Schedules
Scheduling a difficult non-conference schedule has become increasingly important over the past few years with the addition of the BCS to the college football scene. Major teams often have to schedule a few quality OOC games to assure themselves a spot in the BCS should they reach ten wins. Meanwhile, smaller schools are often left with the daunting task of taking on several of the big-name powerhouses each year. This preview takes a look at the top forty most difficult non-conference schedules in 2002.
Toughest OOC Schedules

Jonathan's Football Predictions Record

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59-12 (.831)

Will the winner of the Miami/Florida contest play in the Fiesta Bowl?
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