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College Basketball

The college basketball conference games are upon us, and Jonathan begins his predictions on the big games this weekend. The predictions will be added each and every week throughout the season and March Madness. Check back often to see what Jonathan thinks will happen in the upcoming week's games.
Weekend of January 4-6 & Week of January 7-10

Jonathan's Journal -- January 3, 2002
So you buy all of those magazines with the preseason college football predictions. And then you check out every website's predictions. So who knows what they're talking about? Jonathan's predictions matched up pretty well with the big boys. For more, check out Jonathan's Journal -- 1/3/02

2001 College Football Pick 'Em Contest
The Pick 'Em Stars
Final Leaders
Cholly (200-86)
Dogs73 (192-94)
Bowl Top Pickers
Bill (19-6)
Christopher (18-7)
Cholly (17-8)

Following Miami's Rose Bowl win, which team should be #2?
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Last Week's Results for "From start to finish, which conference was the best in 2001?"

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With Jonathan

This new addition to Jonathan's College Sports Website allows you to ask Jonathan a question on any college sports topic or issue. Submit your question, and check back for the answer soon. Depending on the number of questions, this page will be updated once or twice each week so you can check back for the answer to your question and the questions others have asked. Anytime a college sports question pops into your mind, come here and ask Jonathan what he thinks about it!
Q&A with Jonathan -- November 13, 2001

Prediction Accuracy
Jonathan's Record
NCAA Football
524-178 (.753)
NCAA Basketball
3-9 (.250)
NCAA Baseball
28-23 (.549)
555-210 (.725)