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September 5, 2008 The emergence of the spread offense has given fantasy owners a chance to cash in on the riches. If you pick the right spread, that is. Pick the wrong one, and all is for naught.

The spread offense can be divided into three types: The spread pass, the spread run, and the spread quarterback option.

The spread pass offense run by Texas Tech will generate a boat load of points for your quarterback and wide receivers. If you have a running back on this team, good luck. Looking at this past week's numbers, Texas Techís top three running backs only carried the ball a total of 21 times. Not enough to get you the points you need to compete.

On the other hand, the top three receivers average nine catches and over one hundred yards receiving. Just what you want from your wide receiver position. Case in point. The spread pass offense has not been kind to the running back position. Find out who is running the spread pass offense, and stay away when youíre looking for a running back.

Spread run and the spread quarterback option are the same offense, depending on the running back position. West Virginia in years past has had running backs like Steve Slaton carry the load. Fantasy owners have benefitted from guys like him. I personally ran him to a championship two years ago. Quarter back Pat White will get his numbers, but this year Noel Devine will get the bulk of the carries. How much the quarterback runs, will depend on how good the running back lining up behind him is.

Pat White of West Virginia will share points this year with Devine. When you get down to championship time, at the end of the year you donít want a quarterback who will be sharing points with a stud running back. Pat White and quarter backs like him, will not bring you a championship. His running back is too good, and he will have to share the points. If you look hard enough, you can however, pluck a good running back from the spread.

Your best bet is the spread run offense, with the quarter back option. Tim Tebow of Florida is your boy. Tebow does not have the luxury of a great running back behind him. Percy Harvin is a jack of all trades, but not enough of a running back to take points way from Tebow. Because of the lack of a good running back, Tebow and his fantasy owners will benefit greatly. Exploit the stud running quarterback, no running back situations when you can.


These little known players had big games last week. One hit wonders? Or should you add them to your team?

Shun White - Running Back Navy - 348 yards rushing. Once in lifetime game, starting quarterback did not play last week. Plays feisty Ball State team. I say, pick him up, but donít start him.

DaíRel Scott - Running Back Maryland - 198 yards rushing - plays Middle Tennessee. Pick him up if you donít have him. Start this guy this week. 200 yards is a possibility.

Shane Morales - Wide Receiver Oregon State - 13 receptions, 151 yards against Stanford last week. Will be Quarter Back Lyle Moevaoís safety valve. Start against Penn State this week. Running game will be stuffed, Oregon State will be passing from the get go.

Dominick Goodman - Wide Receiver Cinicinnati - 10 receptions, 144 yards last week. Cincinnati is the type of team that gives Oklahoma fits. Expect lots of catches, maybe not yards and touchdowns against Boomer Sooner. Pickup, be hesitant of starting him this week.

Josh Freeman - Quarterback Kansas State - 5 touchdowns last week. The number of teams that started Freeman last week was in single digits. Count me as one. I exploited the matchup last week, and totaled 41 points. The numbers continue this week, as Kansas State takes it to divisions two school, Montana State. If your league takes away points for playing division two opponents, you have a big decision. Either way, youíll garner enough points to make it worth starting him.

Joe Ganz - Quarterback Nebraska - 345 yards passing, 4 touchdowns last week. Lowely San Jose State storms into Lincoln. Expect more of the same.

If you had a bad first week, pickup one of these guys, and get back in the game.


Oklahoma is a 21 point favorite at home against Cincinnati this week. Cincinnati is the type of team that gives the Sooners fits. If you saw West Virginia last year and Boise State the year before, you know what Iím talking about. The Bearcats will spread the Sooners out, and wing it all over the yard. Brian Kelly is an up and coming coach, and will have his team ready to play.

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