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August 30, 2008 With the big boys of college football feasting on the less fortunate this week, are you guaranteed your big dogs will rack up the points? I say no. The first two weeks of the season really even things out for the expert fantasy players and the beginners. For every Alabama vs. Clemson, there is three Texas vs. Florida Atlantic.

If your running back is playing against a nasty defense, and you know he will struggle for every yard, don't fret. If he can get you aTD and 75 yards, and a couple receptions, youíre golden. Chances are the running backs playing against the cupcakes will be pulled early. I see this every year. Unless your guy is a legit Heisman candidate, he will get his carries early, maybe a TD or two, and then it's the showers.

Special teams/ Defense's seem to always play a big part, especially early in the season. Blocked punts, fumbles and interceptions will get you big points the first couple of weeks. The defenses playing the light weights will be worth you sacrificing an early picking for. So if you listened to my advice from last weeks column and picked a defense early, it could payoff in week one. These lopsided early games make for one wild first week, anything goes, and who knows where it will end. This can even up the playing field.

Early Sleepers

The first couple of weeks allow for some guys to come out of know here. Get off to a slow start like I did 3 years ago, and it can get you in a foul mood for the rest of the season. I started off 1-4, and Believe me, when you go 1-4 to start the season, you are miserable. I didnít give up the season; instead I jumped into the papers, surfed the net, and watched every sports center on air trying to find the players that would get me back into the race.

I dropped guys who never got on track, even though I drafted them high. I didnít wait to long either. If you see a kid putting together a couple strong games, jump on him. You wait to long in Fantasy College, youíre done, and the league is to short. Make transactions early; beat your opponents to the punch.

Draft Recap

Sticking to the rules I laid down last week in my column, I came away very happy with my team.

Running Backs Lesean McCoy of Pitt, and Demarco Murray of Oklahoma where my first two picks. The trend of QBs started early with Tim Tebow, Graham Harrell and Chase Daniels going before I made my selection at number 7.

Instead of following the trend of quarterbacks taken, I decided to grab the two best available running backs, and figured I could wait for my third pick to grab a gunslinger. I took Curtis Painter of Purdue. I stated in last weekís column that he will break your heart with his monster games against the bottom feeders, and then disappears against the big boys.

With Michigan and Illinois both looking at down years, I thought I would grab the numbers and see what happens.

I grabbed the Ohio State defense with my number four, and the trend of defenses soon started after that. I canít over emphasize how important a solid defense is. You will see the proof early on in the season. Teams like Ohio State will be throwing goose eggs at Youngstown State, Troy and Ohio.

I waited until later in the draft to go after wide receivers. Kenny Britt of Rutgers and Marcus Barnett of Cincinnati will start at the wide out positions. I threw in Derek kinder of Pittsburgh as my back up. Kinder was all Big East two years ago, but sat out last season with a torn ACL.

Rounding out the starting lineup for me is Jeff Wolfert the kicker from Missouri. With Missouriís high powered offense scoring points like pacman Jones makes it rain. I can count on double digit points from my kicker in each game.

Got a question or comment? Let me know how you did at your draft.

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