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2005 College Football Preview

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Q: Why is Team A listed as a toss-up in Team B's preview, but Team B listed as a loss in Team A's preview?

A: Each preview is done from that individual team's perspective. Therefore, if you are looking at Southern Cal's preview, that is written from a USC mindset. While USC may be Arizona State's toughest game of the season and a pretty sure-loss from the ASU perspective, it is possibly the toughest game the Trojans will play all year and therefore not a guaranteed win.

Q: You have five offensive linemen listed on your all-conference team, but you have two centers and three tackles. Where are the guards?

A: The five best offensive linemen are named to the all-conference team regardless of specific position on the o-line. This same process applies to other positions like defensive line, linebacker, and defensive back.

Q: When there are multiple players listed for one position on the all-conference team, is there any specific order from top to bottom?

A: Generally, yes. The easiest, most deserving choices are listed at the top, while the final entries are listed at the bottom.

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Q: There is no way that (fill in your team here) will lose (fill in number here) games this year. You must be out of your mind! What are you thinking?

A: I'm thinking that this is all just a guess. An educated guess, but a guess nonetheless. Everyone can't be happy with the preseason predictions because everyone ain't happy when the season is over either.

Q: You make a lot of predictions on the individual teams, the conference standings, and the all-conference teams, but you don't really explain why you pick how you do.

A: My explanation is actually within each preview. When I make projections for the upcoming year, I look at three specific factors: (1) how the team did last year, especially at the end of the year; (2) how many starters are back, specifically star starters; (3) the team's schedule - are the toughest games at home or on the road? Therefore, if you see a team had a good record a year ago, has a significant number of starters returning, and has a generous representation on the all-conference team, there's a good chance I feel good about their upcoming season.

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