Big XII Breakdown

The Conference Title Race
Nebraska (5-0, 9-0)
Colorado (4-1, 6-2)
Oklahoma (4-1, 7-1)
Texas (4-1, 7-1)
Texas A&M (4-1, 7-1)

Iowa State (3-2, 5-2)
Texas Tech (2-3, 4-3) Missouri (2-3, 3-4)
Kansas State (1-4, 3-4)
Kansas (1-4, 2-5)
Baylor (0-5, 2-5)
Oklahoma State (0-5, 2-6)

Here’s a look at who each of the contenders has left on the schedule:
Nebraska: at Kansas, Kansas State, at Colorado
Colorado: Missouri, at Iowa St., Nebraska, at WA State
Oklahoma: Texas A&M, at Texas Tech, Okla St., Tulsa
Texas: at Baylor, Kansas, at Texas A&M
Texas A&M: at TX Tech, at Oklahoma, Texas

Here is what would have to happen for each team to capture the Conference Title:
Nebraska: Nebraska just needs to win the games they should. And basically, that’s all of them. The worst thing that could happen for the Huskers is that they continue to win and then lose to Colorado. If Colorado were to win out and beat Nebraska, they would win the tiebreaker over Nebraska and go to the Big XII Championship Game.
Colorado: See Nebraska. They must win out, and beat Nebraska. They would then win the tiebreaker between these two one-loss teams (in-conference losses).
Oklahoma: If Oklahoma wins out, and they probably should, they will win the Big XII South. They hold the tiebreaker over Texas already, and if they win out, that would give them a win over Texas A&M as well.
Texas: Texas loses any tiebreaker between them and Oklahoma. Therefore, they should hope that Texas A&M beats Oklahoma on November 10. It may be hard for Longhorn fans, but it’s probably their only shot. If A&M did beat OU, then TX would have to beat A&M, while winning the rest of their games as well, and win the Big XII South. They could win it outright or with a tiebreaker over A&M.
Texas A&M: The Aggies must beat Oklahoma to stay in the race. This is because OU will probably not lose any of their other games. If they do knock off the Sooners, then a win over TX would give them the Big XII South Championship.

Summing it up:
Another Nebraska/Oklahoma game for the Big XII Championship seems inevitable. Nebraska, with the exception of the Colorado game, has a pretty easy road out. If Oklahoma can beat A&M, they probably won’t have trouble with any of their other games.

The Mad Dash for the Bowl Games
The Teams with a shot (with their remaining games):
--Nebraska: (5-0, 9-0) at Kansas, Kansas State, at Colorado
--Oklahoma: (4-1, 7-1) Texas A&M, at Texas Tech, Okla St., Tulsa
--Texas: (4-1, 7-1) at Baylor, Kansas, at Texas A&M
--Texas A&M: (4-1, 7-1) at TX Tech, at Oklahoma, Texas
--Colorado: (4-1, 6-2) Missouri, at Iowa St., Nebraska, at WA State
--Iowa State: (3-2, 5-2) Kansas St., Colorado, at Kansas, Iowa
--Missouri: (2-3, 3-4) at Colorado, Baylor, at KState, at MichState
--Kansas State: (1-4, 3-4) at Iowa State, at Nebraska, MO, LA Tech
--Texas Tech: (2-3, 4-3) Texas A&M, at OklaState, Oklahoma, at UTEP

Here’s what needs to happen for each of these teams:
Nebraska: They’ll be in a bowl. The question is which one? A BCS bowl looks like a good possibility, and if the Huskers win out, they’ll probably be in Pasadena. Even if they lose one, they could make it to the Rose Bowl. We’ll just have to see how all this shakes out.
Oklahoma: The Sooners are also in a bowl. They could also play for the national title. They will have to win out though. Stay tuned.
Texas: See Oklahoma. They’ll probably need OU (or Nebraska) to lose to jump into the BCS.
Texas A&M: I’m running out of different ways to put this. If they win out, BCS is a good possibility. Who knows? They’ve got to beat OU, or else they’re headed for just a normal bowl. Beat OU, and watch out for the Aggies.
Colorado: They’ve already got the necessary 6 wins for a bowl. A game against MO should give them 7 wins. After that, they could lose (or win) all three of their remaining games. ISU is playing well, Nebraska is Nebraska, and Washington State has been one of the major surprises this season.
Iowa State: A game against struggling Kansas State will show if this team has stepped up or not. Although KSU is not as good this year, it would be a huge win for the Cyclones. They’re only a win away from 6. Kansas is a good chance for a W, but the rest will be tough games.
Missouri: The Tigers must win 3 of the last 4 to go bowling. Count them out. They’ll probably lose 3 of the last 4. The final part of the schedule is just too tough.
Kansas State: They also must win 3 of the last four games. MO and LA Tech should give them W’s 4 and 5. If they don’t win at IA State this week, they won’t be bowling this season.
Texas Tech: The Red Raiders need to win 2 of the last 4 to make another bowl trip. Road games at Oklahoma State and UTEP should give them those 2 W’s and a 6-5 record. If they don’t win those two, they’ll be sitting at home for the holidays.
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