Big East Breakdown

The Conference Title Race
Syracuse (4-0, 7-2)
Miami (3-0, 6-0)
Virginia Tech (3-1, 6-1)
Boston College (3-1, 6-2)

Pittsburgh (1-3, 2-5)
Temple (1-3, 2-5)
West Virginia (0-3, 2-5)
Rutgers (0-4, 2-5)

Hereís a look at who each of the contenders has left on the schedule:
Syracuse: WVa, at Miami, BC, ECar
Miami: Temple, at BC, Syracuse, at VA Tech, Wash
VA Tech: at Pitt, at Temple, at VA, Miami
Boston College: Miami, at Rutgers, at Syracuse

Here is what would have to happen for each team to capture the Conference Title:
Syracuse: If the Orangemen win out, the Big East is theirs. Itís that simple. That wonít be an easy task though, as they must travel to Miami. Winning out is probably their only chance of capturing the title. However, if the only conference game they lose is to Miami, and Miami loses to VATech, that would create a 3-way tie (becuase VT beat Miami, Miami beat Syracuse, and Syracuse beat VT).
Miami: Miami can claim the Big East (and probably a Rose Bowl appearance) if they win out. Conference games at BC, vs Syracuse, and at VATech wonít be easy though. However, theyíre all winnable games. Miami could also be involved in a 3-way tie for the title (see Syracuse).
Virginia Tech: After a stunning loss to Syracuse, the Hokies must win out to have a shot to win the Big East when they play Miami. The schedule is fairly easy until that date with Miami in December. They probably gave it away against Syracuse though.
Boston College: If BC wins out, they could be part of a multi-champion group, if they right things fall into place. If Miami beat Syracuse, and then VT beat Miami, and each of these teams won out, there would be a 4-way tie. Donít ask me how that works out, because I donít have a clue. It sure would be interesting though, huh?

Summing it up:
Miami and Syracuse control their own destinies. If the Canes beat Syracuse, they will probably win the Big East. A Orangemen victory in Miami, though, would make the last few weeks of the season very interesting. VA Tech and Boston College each need a few things to happen to win the conference. Look for Miami to pull out of this race on top, leaving a mess right behind them for 2nd place.

The Mad Dash for the Bowl Games
The Teams with a shot (with their remaining games):
--Syracuse: (4-0, 7-2) WVa, at Miami, BC, ECar
--Miami: (3-0, 6-0) Temple, at BC, Syracuse, at VA Tech, Wash
--Virginia Tech: (3-1, 6-1) at Pitt, at Temple, at VA, Miami
--Boston College: (3-1, 6-2) Miami, at Rutgers, at Syracuse
--The Rest: (2-5 overall)

Hereís what needs to happen for each of these teams:
Syracuse: They are already in a bowl game, and have a good chance to make their bowl even better. A conference title would obviously give them a BCS bowl game.
Miami: Miami is also in a bowl game. The Hurricanes have bigger possibilities than Syracuse though. They are eyeing a Rose Bowl game, and I think theyíll get there.
Virginia Tech: The Hokies have the necessary 6 wins, but their fans are disappointed. National Championship hopes went down the drain last weekend. The Hokies still have a great shot at a 9-2 record and a good bowl game.
Boston College: The Eagles are again a solid team that just canít seem to get over the top. They should finish with a 7-4 or 8-3 record and a nice bowl game. One of these years, theyíre going to step it up and make some noise in the national scene of college football.
The Rest: Itís still possible that one of these teams could jump up and make a run at a bowl, but itís very unlikely. It looks like the Big East will send 4 teams to bowls this season.

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